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How To Start Pv Module Factory

How to start pv module factory?

We usually got questions or enquiries from customer in order to set up solar panel factory,while the most of them do not know how to start it,now let us intoduce more.

Solar technology changed a lot recent 3years,one of most important raw material solar cell size is bigger than before,meanwhile bus bar is more,then the solar panel dimension produced is bigger,the good result is power or efficiency of solar panel is higher,while bigger machine is necessary for it.

To set up solar panel factory,customer needs to know:

What is annual capacity;

Solar cell dimension;

Solar panel dimension produced;

Then we will provide proposal based on it,for example:20MW/year,we recommend semi-auto line with all offline machine(https://www.radiantpvsolar.com/10-30MW-Pv-Module-Line.html),cost saving and quick benefit back is advantage compared fully auto line.

The main Solar Panel Machine list including:

Solar cell sorting machine*1set;

Fiber laser scribing machine*1set;

Tabber stringer machine*1set;

Solar Panel Laminator*1set;

EL tester*1set;

Framing machine*1set;

Sun simulator*1set;

Other tables,trolleys,tools 

Necessary raw material for pv module production including:

Solar cell,EVA,backsheet,aluminum frame,ribbon,bus bar,tape,sealant,AB glue,Junction-box

Infrastructure for 20MW semi-auto line:

500SQM space for all equipment;

Estimated 500SQM for warehouse;


Labour 7/shift;

Compressed air:800L/min;

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