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SNEC Solar Power Exhibition


SNEC Pv Power Export 2023 held on Shanghai from 24-26th,May,hundreds of thousands of visitors from home and abroad visited and more than 3,000 photovoltaic companies joined this industry event.

In this exhibition, well-known module manufacturers show the latest technology in the production of solar cell and solar module - higher efficiency and capture the market, and equipment manufacturers provide the latest production solutions - make manufacturing more intelligent.

Solar Cell:

P-type-PERC currently still accounts in a large market share. Compared with PERC, N-type-TopCon is easily accepted by major solar module manufacturers and market due to lower equipment upgrade cost and higher conversion efficiency.

Due to equipment compatibility issues, N-type-HJT, as a market-recognized and mature new-generation high-conversion cell technology, has been accepted by a class of large manufacturers, such as Risen Energy, Huasheng New Energy etc. Currently, small-scale module manufacturers also maintain PERC, TopCon component technology route.


Solar Module:

Due to the innovation of cell technology and the continuous pursuit of improving power and conversion efficiency, the half-cell technology has completely replaced the whole cell. Major manufacturers are vying to exhibit conventional backsheet-glass modules or double-glass modules (PERC, TopCon and Hjt), and some manufacturers go BIPV route, perovskite and XBC are also exhibited in a small part due to technical limitations.






Due to the market demand for bigger production capacity, and considering the cost of infrastructure construction such as factories, equipment suppliers have provided more intelligent solutions for the entire line, including improving the output efficiency of single-machine and with same area as the old models. Increased output and reduced customer investment in infrastructure construction, including the development of more intelligent equipment, such as junction box cover installation machine, junction box testing machine, upper and lower tooling machines, reducing manual work and improving products quality.




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