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500MW Pv Module Line

Description:500MW Pv Module Line
Annual capacity:500MW
Capacity: 30pcs of 550W/Hour with 182mm
Peak Power: 150Kw Rated Power:80Kw
Compressed air:0.6-0.8Mpa


1.The scope of production line

1)According to agreement,buyer would like to set up 500MW fully auto PV module production line which will be composed of:

Before lamination:Auto Glass loading,Auto EVA loading,Automatic Stringer Soldering,Auto Stringer lay up,Automatic bussing,Automatic tape pasting,Second EVA and backsheet laying,EL&VI testing before lamination,Online Repair,Dual glass sealing,Buffer and Conveyor system.

After lamination:Automatic trimming,Automatic framing and gluing system,JB soldering and potting,Curving,Clean and Final testing,Automatic palletizing and Conveyor system.


2.PV module information and requirement

1)500MW fully auto PV module production line.

2)Tact Time:25S/PCS.

3)PV Module Type:Standard,Dual glass whole cell,Dual glass half cutting cell.

4)Solar Cell Dimension:156-210mm.

5)PV Module Dimension:L(1640-2400)mm*W(990-1400)mm.

6)The output for standard single glass PV module is 150pcs/hour/line,actual capacity is 140pcs/hour/line.


3.Infrastructure requirement

1)Power:380V 50Hz3 Phase 5wire;Single 220V(If not, there will be additional voltage transformer).

2)Compressed air:0.6-0.8Mpa.

3)Air quality:Clean dry air,no water,no oil and no impurity,incoming facility must be equipped with air water separator.

4)Supplier will provide all location of Clean Dry Air output point and requirement of air supply before installation.

5)Building request:


Height:At least 3.5m for ground machines,at least 4.5m for overhead platform,at least 7m for Sunny side up IV tester

Load Bearing:At least 1.5T/(except Laminator area) At least 3 T/(Laminator area)

4.Lay Out Drawing

500MW Fully Auto Production Line For Solar Panel.jpg

Main Machine List

Auto glass loader*1set                 1st Eva cutting&laying machine*1set

Auto solar stringer*set                  Auto layup machine*1set

Online EL*VI tester*1set               Auto Solar Panel Laminator*1set

Auto trimming machine*1set         Flipped tester*1set

Auto framing machine*1set           J-box gluing machine*1set

J-box potting machine*1set           Auto frame gluing machine*1set

Curving line&manipulators*1set    180°Rotation*2sets

Iv tester*1set                                  Hi-pot tester*1set

EL after lamination*1set                Auto sorter*1set

Company information


As a leading manufacturer of turnkey line solutions for PV intelligent equipment, Radiant is specializing in the R&D, design,production,sales and related services of high-tech automation complete sets of equipment.


High performance and best stability for all equipment,Free factory lay out,Machine installation,commissioning&training


Radiant always adheres to its advanced production technology, improved technological process, excellent product quality, comprehensive after-sales service to continuously provide customers with innovative, efficient and specialized solutions, and has won good reputation and wide recognition in the industry and global market.