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Auto Short Solar Frame Production Line

Short frame:990-1500mm
Width:B 30-40mm,C 10-35mm
Angle Accuracy:±0.1
Cutting Accuracy:±0.15



We research and develop the sixth generation of the full automatic photovoltaic frame production line based on the machinery - electricity-liquid technology integration advantages.lt is integrated with the aluminum profile automatic transmission .sawcutting, delive ring, stamping, dustremoval, a nd corner connector installation.The high efficient production, the high precise products and the high automation make it advanced inthe profession.

This frame equipment can be designed according to user's production requirements. It is made up with feeding transmission,cutting,and punching etc. By the auto switches between transmission, transferring,turning, cutting, positioning punching, it meets the automatic control of the production.

Technical Specifications

Cutting Length Tolerance ±0.20mm

Cutting Angle Tolerance 45°±0.15°,55°±0.15°,35°±0.15°

Production Cycle 3-4 seconds adjustable

Product length range 990-1500mm

Feed Speed 0~32000mm/min

Principal Axis Speed 0~4000r/min adjustable

Single Cutting Quantity 2 pieces

Input Power 380V 50Hz

Working Pressure 0.6 ~ 0.8 (Mpa)

Input Power 30 kw

Control System Inovance PLC

Saw Blade Cutting Angle 35°to 55°adjustable

Material Convey Length 4000-6500mm

Max.Height 12-35mm

Sawing Material Width 25~40mm

Repeated Length Determining Accuracy <0.2mm

Saw blade runout accuracy ±0.01 mm

Daily output 18,000-22,000 pieces(2 shifts)

Saw Blade Size 0405x030x3.2x120

Max. Stamping Force 12 tons

Net Weight Appr. 7 tons

Boundary Dimension 17000x3800x2200mm