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Auto Framing Gluing System|Radiant Pv Solar

Description:solar framing&gluing automatically
Annual capacity:100-500MW/year
Applicable module size:1640-2400*992-1400mm
Compressed air:400L/min


Auto Framing Gluing System|Radiant Pv Solar 


1.Applicable module size:1640-2400*992-1400mm;


2.Change over time:less than 2hours;

3.Framing:angle joint <0.3mm,A side height error:<0.3mm;C side height error:<0.5mm;

4.Multi-setting for framing to make sure least error during framing and keep pressure of framing,accurate position and centering frame;

5.Accuracy: Long and shorter:±1mm,diagonal≤1.5mm;


6.Acceptance rate of auto glue spilling:≥98%;

7.No glue spilling on front side,no empty glue between frame and glass,the depth of gap by 0.2mm ruler is ≤4mm;

8.Beat is ≤20s;

9.With safety protection;