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Solar Glass Loader|Radiant Pv Solar

Description:Load glass automatically
Annual capacity:100-500mw/year
Applicable module size:1640-2400*992-1400mm
Compressed air:300L/min


Solar Glass Loader|Radiant Pv Solar

1.Applicable Module Size:1640-2400*992-1400mm;

2.Feeding:suck glass automatically on the conveyor line,can set lack of material reminder;

3.Pick up paper:Pick up paper automatically and put it into recycling place;

4.One pallet of glass,one pallet for paper,lack of material reminder;

5.With mechanical safety protection and electrical safety interlock for moving parts;

6.There are protective nets and corresponding safety protection measures in the feeding area;

7.Loading error:±1.5mm;

8.Production interruption during pallet change: less than 3 minutes;

9.The total height of the pallet is 130pieces;

10.Less than 15mins for glass changing;

11.With alarming;