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Description:solar cell cutting manually
Laser wavelength:1,064 nm
Laser power: 30w(600mm/s)
Scribing speed: 600mm/s(30w)
Worktable size:220*220mm



The 30w customized fiber laser with optics isolation system has high stability and good scribing quality, better than traditional lamp-pumped and diode laser.  Its 1,064 nm laser wavelength could scribe on silicon wafer/ solar cell/ ceramic wafer/ thin metal sheet.

Application and Market:

Scribing and cutting for mono-crystalline silicon, poly-crystalline silicon, amorphous-crystalline silicon, solar cell, Silicon with automatic loading solar cell.


● Great laser quality/ reliability

● Very Low operation cost

● Maintenance-free

● Compact design

● Easy operation and professional software


●Marble working platform and KK module from Hiwi,Taiwan keeps stable running and accuracy

●100W AC servo motor and keep cutting accuracy and 600mm/s

●Direct-entry optical fiber focal length fine-tuning system, no optical path offset adjustment unit, reducing failure

●Support imitating single crystal chamfering, simple software interface, diverse programming methods

●The glass adsorption platform reduces the appearance damage to the cell

Customized short pulse width fiber laser and ensure single breaking at 600 speed

●Automatic feeding, suitable for cutting a larger number of knives, 1-10 knives are the first choice. (Double-platform alternate cutting, one of which is cutting, and the other is cutting and loading correction, which saves time and has higher productivity than single station)

●The fewer cutting knives, the better the advantages, which is suitable for big solar module production plant

Technical Parameters:

Laser output: 20KHz~100KHz continuous adjustable

Laser wavelength:1,064 nm

Laser power: customized 30w(600mm/s)

Laser output power:10%-100% adjustable

Scribing speed: 600mm/s(customized 30w)

Cutting scribing accuracy:±0.05 mm

Scribing cell size: max 210*210mm

Worktable size:220*220mm

CNC worktable accuracy: ±0.01 mm

Cutting capacity:1000-1200Pieces/hour

Cooling:by air

Running temperature:15-35degree

Power supply: 1-phase 220VAC,50Hz 

Compressed air:0.5-0.8Mpa,300L/min