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Auto Tape Pasting Machine|Radiant Pv Solar

Description:paste tape for solar stringers automatically
Annual capacity:100-50mw/year
Applicable module size:1640-2400*992-1400mm
Compressed air:150L/min


Auto Tape Pasting Machine|Radiant Pv Solar

1.Industrial tape,thickness 50~150μm

2.Inner diameter Φ77±1mm;Outer diameter≤Φ110mm

3.Length of tape 20mmadjustable;Width 5 / 8 / 10mm adjustable

4.Tape accuracy ±2mm

5.Tape pasting smooth,firm and fix,breakage rate <0.05%

6.Compatible with 5stringers solar module

7.The display that tape pasting position(Tape point 210mm 30pcs,beat 1point/s(Points evenly distributed,8times with 4heads,the number of synchronization depends on the version)