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Auto Trimming Machine|Radiant Pv Solar

Description:solar module trimming after lamination
Annual capacity:100-500mw/year
Applicable module size:1640-2400*992-1400mm
Compressed air:500L/min


Auto Trimming Machine|Radiant Pv Solar

1.The design of the arc knife edge improves the trimming effect,the cutting edge is smooth,no burr

2.4 unit drivers control 4 cutter heads,move in all directions with 8 cutter.

3.Lifetime of knife 50000times

4.With protection cover and emergency function

5.Shorter knife installation and changing time:within 15mins,changing different module:≤30mins

6.With function for dual glass solar module trimming

7. Arc knife edge,use the back edge of the blade to effectively remove the residual material at the four corners of the component

8.Automatic control and no need manual working

9.Meet dual glass solar module