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Junction-Box Potting Machine|Radiant Pv Solar

Description:Junction-Box Potting Machine|Radiant Pv Solar
Annual capcity:50-300MW/Year
Junction box:1or 3
Applicable module size:1640-2400*992-1400mm


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Junction-Box Potting Machine|Radiant Pv Solar

1.Program control:PLC Control,touch screen display, adjustment;

2.Measurement method:A pump use Screw pump,B pump use gear pump;

3.Formula storage:With 50 sets of recipe storage, transfer;


4.Storage method:A glue 30L,B glue 10L;


5.Change glue way:Add glue on the side of the lid;


6.Filling mode:Automatic and manual mode switching (Unattended glue can be realized);


7.Low glue detection:Low level detection,no glue tips;


8.Glue pipe pressure monitoring:Real-time monitoring of pipeline pressure,high pressure alarm;


9.AB glue proportion adjustment range:2:1 ~ 10 :1;


10.Mixed mode:Dynamic mixing or static mixing;


11.Defoaming method:Vacuum pump deaeration;


12.Prevents the precipitation of glue:Motor stirring;


13.Prevent glue curing:Regular row of rubber;