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Offline IV Tester

Description:mono crystalline, poly crystalline, PERC, HJT. N type. IBC……. High efficiency and high capacitance solar modules testing
Solar module type:2400*1400mm



Especially designed for high Efficiency solar module IV Testing, such as PERC, HJT, N  type, IBC, TopCon…… all high efficiency and high capacitance solar module testing with  high transparency EVA.

Effective Testing area up to 2600*1500mm  Pulsed Duration ranges 10-100ms by single flash, in step of 10ms. Eliminating Capacitance Effect of High Eff solar modules Full spectrum wavelength ranges 300-1200nm A+A+A+ , Top Class as per IEC 60904-9:2020, the latest international standards Using the most advanced technology in market, one investment & long term return. 


ModelXJCM-13A2615 (IEC A+A+A+)
Max Illumination Area2600x1500mm
Light Irradiance700-1200W/
Spectrum Mis-match0.875-1.125, A+
Spectrum Range300-1200nm
Instability of Irradiance<1% , A+
Non-Uniformity of Irradiance220V 10A,Single phase
Measurement RangeVoltage 0-1V/10V/50V/100V/200V Current 0-0.25A/1A/2.5A/12.5A/20A
Pulse Duration10~150ms, in step of 10ms
ElectricityAC220-240V,10A,50/60 HZ
Light SourceXenon Lamp
Module TypeMono crystalline, poly crystalline, PERC, HIT, HJT, N type, IBC……