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Solar Cell Testing Machine

Description:Electricity performance test and selection with single solar Mono-crystalline silicone cells and Poly-crystalline silicone cells.
Solar cell:156-210mm 2-12BB
Effective testing area:220*220mm




The equipment is specially designed for the filtration of solar mono-crystalline silicon and poly-crystalline silicon cells. Through the stimulated light irradiation by the solar spectrum lamp-house, the machine classifies the solar cells according to the testing and surveys result with related electrical parameter of solar cells.


Unique apparatus to input and modify the compensate parameters, to carry on automatically/manual adjustment to the light and temperature compensation, as well as automatically measurement and modification of the temperature.


Based on the Windows operation interface and humanely designed testing software, it records data and displays test curve (I-V curve, P curve) and the test parameters (Voc, Isc, Pm, Im, FF, EFF). The test of sequence number is automatically produced and preserved to the assigned folder.