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Solar Module EL VI Tester|Radiant PV Solar

Description:check crack for solar panel by taking picture
Type:Online with visual function
Camera:One or two
Solar panel type:2400*1400mm(max)


Solar Module EL VI  tester(EL-J12) is newly developed the third generation
of El tester(EL3.0),is the first china-based company to launch a multi cameras EL tester with VI function,and is the A-Class EL Tester in accordance with GB and SEMI standard (Draft).     

Solar Module EL/VI Tester

Position of testing

Pre-Lamination,After lamination,After IV tester

Maximum dimensions of module


Module layout

156mm- 166mm,18xmm cell,Full size,6*10/6*12,short edge contact busbar:156mm- 166mm,
,210mm,half size,6*10*2/6*12*2,middle position contact busbar;210mm cell,1/3 size,
,210mm cell,half size,5*10*2,middle position contact busbar

Cycle time


Module transfer direction

Long side forward;Face down

Dimensions of tester

2840mm*2950mm*2160  (L*W*H)

Transmission height


Type of bearer

Multi-track,Roller transmission

EL optical

4 cameras  (Resolution:2040*1536/each),3 times capture

Front side VI optical

4 cameras  (Resolution:4080*3072/each), 3 times capture

EL defects marking assistance

Mono:Crack/Finger Interruption/Dark Spot  (@EVA GSM≤400)

VI defects marking assistance

Mono/Poly:Foreign matter of high reflectivity / Ribbon offset / Spacing / Interconnection marking
assistance  (@EVA GSM≤400)